Promoting Educational Opportunity in New England

NEOA Strategic Plan

Click here to download the strategic plan for 2021-2026 (PDF)

The NEOA Strategic Plan is divided into five sections:

Goal 1: Strengthen and support state associations

  • 1.1 Create regional structures to enhance coordination with states
    • Support and attend annual state conferences.
    • Support state level professional development activities, event planning and resource-sharing and communicate through NEOA resources i.e. website, Board meetings, online platforms, etc.
    • Provide support for the state initiative grant process and the COE grant proposal process.
    • Provide outreach materials and welcome packets to states for newly funded programs.
    • Develop strategies to support states' ability to meet their individual goals and objectives.
    • Assess state needs from NEOA via an annual survey.
    • Help to coordinate information to state liaisons with asynchronous terms on NEOA Board.
  • 1.2 Dedicate appropriate resources to strengthen and support state associations
    • Strategically plan for a dedicated advocacy budget for state outreach to elected members of Congress.
    • Strategically plan for a dedicated state initiative budget that addresses state needs and regional and state strategic plans.
    • Coordinate information sharing for COE and NEOA (Clearinghouse, website) and policy-making organizations such as the New England Council.
    • Consult/coordinate with Technology, Access and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Chairs to make sure specific audiences are considered.
    • Coordinate technology needs of professional development activities in respective states as needed.
    • Develop and provide Board trainings for state leaders; and, host a retreat annually.
  • 1.3 Facilitate and support attendance of members and alumni at state and national advocacy events.
    • Hold strategic advocacy events at the regional conference and throughout the year.
    • Support states in scheduling meetings with elected officials, representatives and Congressional staff and provide Policy Seminar training for Board members and others, annually.
    • Coordinate the publication of regional, state and national TRIO/GEAR UP events to elected legislative officials and staff in the respective states.

Goal 2: Provide Professional Learning Opportunities for Membership

  • 2.1 Identify and assess professional learning needs of membership
    • Summarize and share evaluations from annual conference with the Board.
    • Collect, analyze and share information from program round tables with the Board.
    • Survey members by program annually using accessible online tools.
  • 2.2 Develop comprehensive professional development activities to meet member needs
    • Establish vision for professional development.
    • Consult and coordinate with Technology and DEI chairs to make sure specific audiences are considered.
    • Provide outreach to states during the grant-writing period.
  • 2.3 Provide professional development opportunities that are responsive to the needs of Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP)
    • Implement professional development activities including annual conference, professional development days, and leadership institute.
    • Coordinate with individuals willing to chair professional development events.
    • Provide training to specific audiences such as veteran staff, new directors, and new members.
  • 2.4 Maximize technology as a vehicle for information gathering and dissemination
    • Send information to listserv and post on website and social media pages.
    • Utilize technology to deliver professional development activities.
    • Explore and expand technology to include webinars, podcasts, reading groups, etc.
    • Work with Technology Committee to coordinate technology needs of professional development activities as needed.
  • 2.5 Distribute membership materials to EOP and new hires
    • Generate and distribute a list of all new programs in the region at conclusion of each program competition.
    • Communicate with all new directors, new staff and new programs to provide information about NEOA and its professional development activities.

Goal 3: Foster Leadership within NEOA

  • 3.1 Define and publicize various leadership opportunities within NEOA
    • Provide information on leadership opportunities and benefits at each professional development day and state conference.
    • Discuss opportunities for leadership as part of soliciting nominations for officer positions.
    • Promote leadership positions in newsletters and list serve.
    • Engage members in committee work.
    • Engage in conversations and programing promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • 3.2 Encourage board members to identify, recruit and mentor individuals for Board leadership roles
    • Provide shadowing opportunities for each Board position.
    • Provide leadership workshops at NEOA annual and state conferences.
    • Promote leadership opportunities at Conference Newcomer's Reception.
    • Provide a training/ team building/getting to know you session with Board members.
  • 3.3 Encourage the involvement of Arnold Mitchem Leadership Institute (AMLI) alumni with NEOA
    • Create and maintain a database of AMLI alumni.
    • Inform and encourage AMLI participants and alumni to make a commitment to serve.
  • 3.4 Engage or re-engage veteran staff
    • Provide monthly Director Meetings for each program.
    • Maintain an NEOA directory including veteran staff identification.
    • Engage veteran staff in recruitment for state and regional Board positions.
  • 3.5 Develop and promote leadership opportunities for state and regional board positions
    • Promote COE Emerging Leaders Institute as a leadership opportunity.
    • Promote the AMLI Leadership Institute at the NEOA and state conferences.
    • Conduct the NEOA AMLI alternating years.
    • Reach out to non-members with information and opportunities to engage.
    • Provide orientation as well as training and support for all Board positions.

Goal 4: Build and strengthen NEOA’s Financial & Organizational Resources

  • 4.1 Create and maintain a financial management plan
    • Establish an annual budget reflecting goals and priorities.
    • Analyze annual budget and calculate amount of reserve needed.
    • Monitor, reconcile and report fiscal status on a quarterly basis.
    • Conduct monetary transactions, i.e. opening certificates of deposit and other forms of investment.
    • Investigate investment options for reserve funds.
    • Create and maintain a reserve equal to one-half of annual expenses Establish annual budget reflecting goals and priorities.
    • Prepare, file and submit state and federal forms by due dates.
  • 4.2 Create an annual development plan to support NEOA activities each year
    • Establish annual development goal.
    • Represent Association in public arena to potential funders to identify and cultivate contacts.
    • Generate and update a list of partners and supporters for the development plan.
    • Expand Professional Development Committee to include a point person for each program as members of the Development Committee.
  • 4.3 Develop and implement a marketing plan for NEOA
    • Review and update existing marketing materials and media to support development plan.
    • Identify target audiences including new directors, membership, funders and elected officials.
    • Develop customized messages to reach target audiences.
    • Evaluate plan effectiveness and results.
  • Goal 5: Strengthen NEOA's capacity to advocate on behalf of EOP students

    • 5.1 Ensure strong advocacy efforts
      • Develop advocacy goals.
      • Charge committees to address advocacy goals.
      • Establish a plan for outreach to members of Congress.
    • 5.2 Provide information and training to promote connection between state and national advocacy issues
      • States identify advocacy needs and write State Initiative grant applications to address those needs.
      • Provide advocacy training on pertinent political issues.
      • Provide advocacy training prior to Policy Seminar for state leaders.
      • Provide information and training on COE’s Fair Share initiatives.
    • 5.3 Expand TRIO/GEAR UP alumni presence in NEOA to assist advocacy efforts
      • Recognize success of EOP alumni e.g. NEOA Achievers, NEOA Alumni List Serve, and COE/NEOA’s TRIO Alumni Online Network.
      • Engage alumni through alumni database, social media and at Policy Seminar.
      • Secure alumni presence at conference and Policy Seminar.
      • Provide advocacy training prior to Policy Seminar for state leaders.

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