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NEOA Achiever and Rising Star Nominations

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NEOA Achiever Award

2018 NEOA Achievers

NEOA Achiever Awards are given to outstanding graduates of New England's regional educational opportunity programs, TRIO and other educational opportunity programs alike. NEOA Achievers are truly worthy of the distinction, as they possess all of the following attributes:

  • They have received a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution of higher education.

  • They are recognized as a person of high stature within their profession or they have received recognition for their outstanding academic achievements.

  • They are employed above the entry-level designation for their profession or they have received a post baccalaureate degree or are enrolled in a post baccalaureate program.

  • They have made significant civic, community, or professional contributions.

  • Their participation in an educational opportunity program has had a significant impact upon their ability to achieve educational and/or professional objectives (as acknowledged by the participant).

NEOA Rising Star Award

The purpose of the NEOA Rising Star Award is to identify emerging professionals who are former participants of New England's educational opportunity programs. This award allows our region to recognize Rising Stars who have either completed their Associates degree and/or their Bachelor's degree and are just beginning to make an impact in their careers and communities.

The Rising Star Award honors emerging leaders who strive toward the highest levels of personal and professional accomplishment, who excel in their chosen field, devote time and energy to their community in a meaningful way, and serve as a role model for other low income, first generation college bound students and students with disabilities. NEOA Rising Star nominees should be worthy of the distinction and possess all of the following attributes:

  • Demonstrated excellence, creativity, and initiative in his or her profession.

  • Has an Associates or Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution of higher education and 2 – 5 years professional experience in their field.

  • Engages in or is developing a leadership role in civic, community, or professional development activities.

  • Has participated in an educational opportunity program that has had a significant impact upon their ability to achieve educational and/or professional objectives (as acknowledged by the participant).

Past Award Winners

2024 NEOA Achiever - Krystal Hicks
2024 NEOA Achiever - Garvey Pierre
2024 NEOA Rising Star - Larissa Holland
2024 NEOA Rising Star - Rainbow Chen
2023 NEOA Achiever - Christopher Rosenquest
2023 NEOA Achiever - Pam Pritzker-Ridley, MST
2023 NEOA Rising Star - Mana Abdi
2023 NEOA Rising Star - Melissa Helstein, DVM
2022 NEOA Achiever - Bruce W. Tench II
2022 NEOA Achiever - Gina Garzon
2022 NEOA Rising Star - Kate Michaud
2022 NEOA Rising Star - Jerica J. J. Rich
2021 NEOA Achiever - Emmanuel Omokaro
2021 Rising Star - Doris Juarez
2021 Rising Star - Amber Wolf
2020 NEOA Achiever - Seanice Austin
2020 NEOA Achiever - Ashley Doukas
2020 NEOA Rising Star - Vivian Pham
2020 NEOA Rising Star - William Webber
2019 NEOA Achiever - Tina Nadeau
2019 NEOA Achiever - Tabitha Pohl-Moore
2019 NEOA Rising Star - Eman Akam
2019 NEOA Rising Star - Sandra Cano
2018 NEOA Achiever - Sarah Perry
2018 NEOA Achiever - Desi Nesmith
2018 NEOA Rising Star - Salvadore "Sam" Portera Jr.
2018 NEOA Rising Star - Justis Lopez
2017 NEOA Achiever - Timothy Granfield
2017 NEOA Achiever - Kristopher Renadette
2017 NEOA Rising Star - Anthony Roberson
2017 NEOA Rising Star - Dashira Mangual
2016 NEOA Rising Star - Kathleen Rodrigue
2016 NEOA Rising Star - Caitlin Bevan
2016 NEOA Achiever - Katherine Montero
2016 NEOA Achiever - Lisa Couture
2015 NEOA Rising Star - Kevin Richards
2015 NEOA Rising Star - Marilyn Lupo
2015 NEOA Achiever - Angela M. Borges, Ph.D.
2015 NEOA Achiever - Billy V. Powers, Ph.D.
2014 NEOA Rising Star - Jane-Roberte Sampeur
2014 NEOA Rising Star - Mia Midenjak
2014 NEOA Achiever - Patricia Marshall, Ph.D
2014 NEOA Achiever - Crystal Baldwin
2013 NEOA Rising Star - Damian Ramsey
2013 NEOA Rising Star - Erna Numanovic
2013 NEOA Achiever - Edward A. Cooley
2013 NEOA Achiever - Alberto Alponte Cardona, Esq.
2012 NEOA Rising Star - April Lane
2012 NEOA Rising Star - Tuipate Mubiay
2012 NEOA Achiever - Enid Rey
2012 NEOA Achiever - Emmanuel Lamour
2011 NEOA Achiever - Dr. Elizabeth McCue-Herlihy
2011 NEOA Achiever - Dr. Loretta Carle-Brady
2011 NEOA Rising Star - Dr. Kelly Aremburg



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