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Professional Membership - $70 per person

Active Professional Membership shall be limited to those persons actively engaged in the administration or general operation, inclusive of instructional staff, of educational opportunity programs located in the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Persons qualifying for active Professional Membership should spend a significant and continuing portion of their full-time professional activities involved in the concerns of the students referred to in the NEOA mission statement.

The mission of NEOA is to advocate for access to and success in postsecondary education for low income individuals, first generation college students and college students with disabilities and to develop the skills and knowledge of educational opportunity professionals working with this population.

Each Active Professional Member is entitled to one vote and is eligible to hold office as delineated in Article V, Section 2 of these bylaws.

Institutional Membership - $70 per person per institution

Institutional Membership shall be available to a program or institution having an interest in promoting the goals of the Association. Membership will be assigned to specific individuals in the program/institution. If the designated person(s) ceases employment at the program/institution, the membership may be reassigned to another eligible person if requested in writing by the program director or the supervisor of the program director.

Individuals covered under Institutional Membership shall have Active Professional Membership status.

Affiliate Membership - $70 per person

Affiliate Membership shall generally be those who support the purpose and objectives of The Association, as herein expressed, but not qualify under the membership categories of Article III, Section 2, or who would rather make their contributions in less visible or demanding roles.

Each Affiliate Member may have voice, but not vote in meetings of The Association and is not eligible to hold office.

State Affiliate - $300 per state

The six associations representing educational opportunity programs in the New England states shall participate as State Affiliates, to wit: Connecticut Association of Educational Opportunity Programs (CAEOP), Massachusetts Educational Opportunity Association (MEOA), Maine Educational Opportunity Association (MEEOA), New Hampshire Educational Opportunity Association (NHEOA), Rhode Island Educational Opportunity Association (RIEOA), and Vermont Educational Opportunity Programs (VEOP). Each State Affiliate shall have a vote on the Board of Directors, cast by its president.

Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership is open to any appropriate business, industry, foundation, organization, or individual who provides general support, including retired NEOA members. Honorary Members are designated as such by The Association’s Board of Directors and receive recognition as may be deemed appropriate by the Board. Honorary Members are entitled to voice but not vote in meetings of The Association.


Please contact the membership co-chairs if you have any questions!

Jessica Coronel and Taryn Tomkins
Membership Co-Chairs

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