Promoting Educational Opportunity in New England

How do I become a member of NEOA?
Go to the Membership page and fill out our online form.

I am a member of NEOA and need to pay my membership fee using PayPal. How do I do that?
Click here to look up your membership information and pay your membership fee online through PayPal.

My institution isn't in New England, but I'm interested in finding something like this in my area.
Go to the Council for Opportunity in Education's website. They have a list of all the other regional associations similar to NEOA.

Where can I find information on the Leadership Institute?
The Leadership Institute is located under Professional Development.

How do I contact a Board Member?
Go to the Current Board Members page and drop them an email.

How would I go about running for office?
Click here to download the nominations packet.

Interested in participating in the NEOA Board?
The NEOA Board is made up of two different groups - those that are elected and those that are nominated by the president to fill a committee role. Click here to view contact information for all current board members.

Where is the conference this year?
There is more information for this in the NEOA Annual Conference section. Below is the rotation for the location of TRIO Day and the annual conference in any given year.

Annual Conference TRIO Day
New HampshireMaine
MaineRhode Island
Rhode IslandNew Hampshire
New HampshireMaine

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