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State Initiative Letter

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the New England Educational Opportunity Association (NEOA) board of directors, it is my pleasure to announce the availability of funds for activities under the NEOA State Initiative. The NEOA board has again made substantial funds available to assist states in launching to develop effective strategies to influence state policy. These initiatives will position TRIO and other educational opportunity programs for greater legislative and fiscal support and increased recognition.

The focus for the competition is on initiatives that build relationships with members of Congress, and raise awareness of TRIO in new arenas. This is a critical year in which to make strategic use of these funds. Priority will be given to those proposals that make contributions in these areas.

NEOA identifies seven major State Initiative goals:

  • To establish stronger relationships with state legislators, business leaders, civic leaders and foundation executives,
  • To establish local and statewide alumni associations,
  • To build stronger state TRIO/EOP Associations,
  • To directly impact state and local appropriations for higher education,
  • To generate additional revenue sources for TRIO,
  • To establish stronger relationships with similar organizations and
  • To demonstrate to the public that TRIO programs are effective and solid investments.

The NEOA State Initiatives awards will be made to state associations and individual projects in order to facilitate new or existing state initiative activities. Individual projects should coordinate with the state association, where possible, when proposing an activity. Funding levels will be determined by the needs of the project and the annual appropriation in the NEOA operating budget.

NEOA State Initiative grant funds will be awarded on a rolling basis beginning immediately through the NEOA operating year, as funds allow. Please submit grant proposals as soon as possible, and no later than August 1, 2020 for summer activities.

For more information, please contact Sarah Morrell, Chair, NEOA Advocacy/State Initiatives, at 774-644-5943 or

We look forward to your involvement!


Sarah Morrell
Chair, NEOA Advocacy/State Initiatives Committee

A few State Initiative activity ideas are listed below. We welcome proposals for these and other activities, depending upon the scope of the proposed activity and the availability of funds.

State Building Relationships
Student Financial Aid Directors
Admissions Counselors
Civil Rights Groups
Teachers’ Unions
Church Leaders

Alumni State Organization
Alumni Newsletter

Press Releases
Editorial Board Meetings
Web Site Development
Press Kits and Brochures

State Meetings at Your State Capitol
State Policy Seminars
Legislative Agenda
Policy Briefs with State Leaders

Business Fundraising Partnerships
State Agencies
Faith Communities
School Boards and School Districts
Local Government
Private Business
Local Media
Non-profit Organizations

White Papers
Fact Sheets

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