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What do past participants have to say about LI:

I grew as a leader by learning a lot about myself, such as: leadership style, professional goals, strengths as a leader and areas to work on. Participation in the Leadership Institute further developed my confidence and knowledge and gave me a powerful support system to build on over the years.

Maria Dintino
Associate Director
Keene State College, Aspire Program (SSS)
LI’ 2002

My experience in the LI was one of growth and connection.  I knew some TRiO folks in my state, but hadn't had a chance to talk and learn from colleagues in New England.  The LI gave me the SPACE that I needed to reflect....and look forward.  My LI group challenged my ideas of leadership, and helped me realize how to best use my strengths to enrich my program and TRiO as a whole.  I got the support and encouragement to step up.

Faith Erhardt
Academic Counselor
University of Maine, Upward Bound
LI’ 2004

I had been employed by VSAC for five years and I was still in the process of trying to find my professional voice. As a TRiO Alumni, I knew I wanted to be part of the TRiO, NEOA community, but I did not know to what extent.  The NEOA Leadership Institute proved the right prescription for my involvement and advocacy in the TRiO community and in my work in general. I learned a great deal about myself as a person and a professional.  I learned how to advocate for myself and the students and parents with whom I work.

Monda Kelley
Outreach Counselor
LI’ 2004

LI was an opportunity to spend time being reflective (a rare find in the dailyness of what we do).  It provided time for me to scrutinize where I was and where I wanted to go in the TRIO family.  I loved that LI included professional folks in all stages of the TRIO trajectory.  From those newly arrived, with new ideas and energy-- to the most seasoned individuals whose input and institutional memory was worth its weight in gold. I learned something new.  When I was asked to serve as Interim Director—I knew I had the skills, experience and connections as well as resources (mostly human) gained through LI to do the job. 

Julia Nesbitt
Interim Director
Rhode Island College, Student Support Services
LI’ 2004

The Leadership Institute was a time to reflect on my leadership abilities/potentials and to explore leadership styles outside my own.  My cohort was especially instrumental in my growth during LI because of their honest and constructive feedbacks during our activities.  We rarely take time to intentionally learn how to become better leaders that can positively impact people and outcomes; LI gave me that time.

Channa Srey
Northshore Community College, Educational Talent Search
LI’ 2009

LI really enhanced my ability to take my visions and put them into actions. It also enabled me to relate to my students in a way that inspired them to want to work toward their goals for themselves and take responsibility for doing that. I also learned that my being a shy person did not have to hinder me from taking leadership positions.

Lillie Wright
University of Connecticut, Student Support Services
LI’ 1999


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